Dassai Sake


A best-selling sake in New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Tawain, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Dassai’s fruity scent, rich flavor, and smooth reverberation  make it easy to see how it became a global favorite. Our unique brewing philosophy makes us hope that that global trend will continue.


The origin of the name Dassai

Dassai literally translates as “otter festival”, which conveys much of what Dassai Sake is about. Part of the name refers to an ancient name for our region of Yamaguchi Prefecture in southern Japan, as long ago many otters frolicked in the nearby rivers. As the otters fished, they laid their catch on the shore almost as if they were preparing for a festival. This led to references to “otter festivals” in ancient poems. But there is more…


A famous haiku poet named Masaoka Shiki who lived nearly a century ago referred to himself as Dassai. Like the otters, he scattered his reading material all over the floor of his room, so much so that there was no room to walk around.

More importantly, Masaoka was instrumental in creating a revolution in Japanese literature during his time. He believed the haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry, should be valued as a literary form even as its popularity waned. His dogged determination and love for his literary form led to a change in how society and the world thought of this now revered form of poetry.

Here at Dassai, we want to convey that nuance too, as part of our philosophy of sake brewing. We strive to open a new era of sake, to never become complacent with existing traditions and techniques. Instead, we build on the craftsmanship of our ancestors to reform and revolutionize the industry in order to make a superior sake.


Dassai Beyond

Dassai Beyond was brewed with that same intention, to move beyond the rich taste of Dassai 23, our best sake to date. Not only is the rice for Dassai Beyond polished more than that used to brew Dassai 23, but we reconsidered every ingredient and step in the process to make a sake even richer in flavor and aroma. Try a few sips of Dassai 23 and then sample Dassai Beyond to see how why we chose this name.

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Our Awards

Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition 2012 ‘Best of Class’Junmai Shu Taisho 2011
Good Company Awards 2010 by Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry ‘Corporate Excellence Prize’
Sake Chosen by Experts by Shokuraku ’1st Prize’Monde Selection 2002 ‘Gold Medal’