Miyazaki Beef




Miyazaki Beef has a sweet  mellow aroma, a juicy taste that spreads with every bight, and a melt-in-your-mouth marbled texture. Only beef that passes a strict set of criteria is granted the title Miyazaki Beef.  The grading is particularly tough – only about half of the Japanese Black Wagyu cows raised by farmers in Miyazaki Prefecture become Miyazaki Beef.




Only Japanese Black Wagyu raised in Miyazaki with a carcass meat graded 4 or higher by the Japan Meat Grading Association can be called Miyazaki Beef. The association uses four measures of quality: degree of marbling, shine of the meat, firmness of the meat, and shine and quality of the fat content.



Environment in Miyazaki
Miyazaki has an optimal environment for raising cattle. Raised on abundant natural spring water on Japan’s warm southern island of Kyushu, the cattle enjoy rich, wide-open pastures for grazing that are also ideal for producing their distinctive flavor.



Expertise and care 
The soft texture, flavorful taste, and visual appeal of Japan’s Championship Brand of beef is made by the tireless efforts of Miyazaki’s cattle farmers. To raise healthy cows, young calves are given feed from an early age. This helps them develop strong stomachs.

At the recent Wagyu Olympics, an event held every five years to maintain and promote the high standards of Japanese beef,  the quality of the fat content was judged in regard to the concentration of unsaturated fats such as oleic acid. (Oleic acid is known as a producer of  umami flavor. It is also the same oleic acid found in olive oil and believed to reduce blood pressure) The even distribution of the fat throughout the rich red meat is another marker of Miyazaki beef’s appearance and taste. The beef consistently earned top rankings in five of the nine categories for the last two Olympics (2007 and 2012), and is recognized as a superior brand at home in Japan as well as overseas.

We hope you try Japan’s Championship Brand – Miyazaki Beef- and the other safe, reliable, and delicious agricultural products that make up Miyazaki Brand Products. 


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