Organic Sake by Chikurin



The Birth of Organic Chikurin

In 2008, Organic Chikurin Karoyaka was introduced to the market to meet the needs of a society demanding greater food safety.  The resulting Junmoi Ginjoshu is created through a fully organic production method using home-grown organic Yamadanishiki rice and groundwater (soft water) flowing from Mount Chikurinji.


The aromas are lively. The flavor is light with a touch of sweetness and more delicate than the original Chikurin sake.. It flows smoothly over your tongue in cool, clear drops, making you feel like you are drinking sweet spring water off the rocks deep in the mountains of Okayama Prefecture.


The Power of Rice is the Key to Delicious Sake

The flavor of sake is derived  from the taste of the rice. At Chikurin, where we are engaged in both agriculture and brewing, we grow our own rice so that we can make the best of the flavor in our sake production. The starting point of our sake brewing process is careful soil preparation.

Hou Hou Shu

An enchanting flavor of soft effervescence from natural carbonation and the delicate sweetness of rice, this sake is made only from rice.  The bubbles  are the result of thenatural fermentation process of sake brewing. Hou Hou Shu’s alcohol content is almost the same as beer. It pairs well with acidic juices such as cassis and blueberry or with just a few drops of lemon juice. Hou Hou Shu also goes well with  any Japanese food.



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