Japanese Soba Cooking Demonstration


Katagiri has been tucked away on this quiet street on the boundary between Midtown and the Upper East Side since 1907, when immigrant brothers Tomohiro and Yoshio Katagiri founded the small grocery. Still small and unassuming, today the crowded space holds a surprising quantity of imported Japanese packaged foods, such as udon, miso, nori and rice seasonings, as well as canned and bottled staples. Long refrigerated cases hold a selection of small but exquisite pieces of fish, a variety of soy products and edamame, and frozen noodles and dumpling skins. There are a few fresh vegetable — Japanese cucumbers, daikon radish, and snowpeas — in a waist-high case in the center of the room. There are  even a smattering of mandatory little Hello Kitty goodies to catch impulse buyers on the way out. The bulk of the cuteness, however, lies in the gift store next door, with its extensive range of chopsticks, incense, good luck cats, tea and sake sets, cosmetics, kimonos, and other imported accessories. In the back, another room is lined with Japanese videotapes. — Jessica Branch


Place:   Katagiri & Co
224 E 59th St., Ste A (between 3rd Ave & 2nd Ave),
New York, NY 10022

224 E 59th St., New York, NY 10022