Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, are an important sector of Japan’s economic structure. By providing a stable supply of foods indispensable to our daily lives, their contribution to the development and continued stability of Japan’s national economy and national life is outstanding.  Farmland and forest clean our air, foster water resources, and conserve national land resources.   Furthermore, nature and its majestic scenery so abundant in Japan’s rural communities are integral to our national life and identity. They offer tranquility and a reminder of the deep relationship between humans and nature as we wander there.
The challenges facing the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors of Japan are severe. An imbalance between supply and demand for agricultural products, delays in the management scale expansion of things such as rice cultivation, and the escalating pressure to open up our markets are just a few examples. Yet, it remains paramount to promote the harmonious development of our economy and national life in tandem with sound practices and advancements for those engaged in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries. It also remains vital to assure a healthy and abundant diet for our citizens. Moreover, it is necessary to strive to maintain and reinforce the ability to be self-sufficient in food supplies at all times while maintaining an appropriate combination of imports and domestic production.
With these thoughts in mind, the Ministry comprehensively undertakes projects related to the production and consumption of agricultural, forestry and fisheries products, and to rural community and economic development. It is the Ministry’s objective to achieve a stable supply of food, sound development of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, and improve the welfare of rural inhabitants.