About the Chefs

Chef: Chikara Sono, Executive Chef of Kyo Ya Restaurant Chikara Sono is the Executive Chef of Kyo Ya restauran […]


Dassai Sake

A best-selling sake in New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Tawain, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Dassai’s fruity scent […]


Fukushima Katsuo

Fukushima Katsuo Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive food company that manufactures and sells high quality kezuri kat […]



House Foods

  About House Foods Tofu specialists since 1983, House Foods America Corporation is dedicated to providin […]

Manten-hoshi Hoji-cha

A Perfect Location Hidden in the rugged mountains of Shikoku Island, one of Japan’s southern islands, is […]



Miyazaki Beef

    Miyazaki Beef has a sweet  mellow aroma, a juicy taste that spreads with every bight, and a melt-in-y […]

Organic Sake by Chikurin

  The Birth of Organic Chikurin In 2008, Organic Chikurin Karoyaka was introduced to the market to meet t […]